Many Canadians are hesitant to take on home renovation projects in the colder months of the year, which is understandable. It tends to be one of the busiest times of year for families with holiday festivities and booked vacations. Most homeowners would instead think of exciting plans coming up than replacing windows. But, it can actually be a lot more cost-effective, easier, and quicker to take on this task during the winter months rather than in the summer.

Although, many of the reservations people have about winter window installation are accounted for by the installers. For example, homeowners fear that there will be significant heat loss from windows left open. But, because of this reason, installation crews will typically focus on changing one window at a time. Doing so ensures maximum comfort and gives each window more attention. People also fear that sealants and insulating foam will not settle properly in the cold. In reality, it is possible to install windows successfully in temperatures that are as low as -20’C. In fact, sealant materials used in colder months tend to be more weather resistant and durable than those used in warmer months.

Any fears you have about installing new windows during the winter have already been thought through by experienced installers. On the contrary, you are likely getting a better deal by buying windows during a slower season. Here are some other reasons to install new windows in the winter.

Uncover problems with your windows

If you just bought a new home, it is better to wait one winter before replacing your windows – unless, of course, they are falling apart. That is because the extreme temperatures and weather winter brings is the best environment to reveal any weaknesses your windows have. Material contracts when exposed to cold weather and any leaks or drafts will become apparent. You can also bring in an experienced professional to assess whether your windows need repairing or replacing.

More installation dates available

Many people put off winter projects merely because they think they do not have enough time for it. Conversely, there are likely more dates available to choose from during the winter. Summer is the busiest time for window installations so, if you wait until then, you will not have as many dates to choose from. Plan window installation as early as possible will ensure you can accommodate other commitments and projects.

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Get a better deal

All companies have a peak season when business is bustling and, for most window installers, this season is during warm months. Companies are less likely to offer significant discounts during its busiest season. That is why you benefit more from shopping around during the slow season when companies are more likely to lower their prices to get your business.

Do not wait any longer to fix or replace your windows. Call Concord Windows and Doors and insulate your home better with new and improved windows. Our experienced professionals at our windows and door shop can stop by and make personalized recommendations based on your home’s needs.