Replacing your windows and doors is a must if they are old or if your home is experiencing drafts. Deciding when to replace windows and doors can be tricky because the spring, early summer or early fall are ideal, whereas off-seasons like winter can provide you with more cost savings as promotions tend to appear this time of year. 

When making a decision, consider the following:

  • Comfortability. 

Professional window and door installers will limit the exposure of your home to the outdoors, although it’s inevitable for outside air to come through your home while the replacement is ongoing. Spring and early summer are ideal for this reason because windows and doors can be installed comfortably during these seasons. 

  • Cost savings. 

If you are looking for discounts and deals, they tend to be more common during the winter months. While replacing your windows and doors during winter may not be ideal in terms of comfort, discounts are something you can look forward to.

  • Minimal scheduling competition. 

Most people will replace their windows and doors during the spring and summer because of ideal weather conditions, although you will have to deal with scheduling competition during these months. Trying to avoid harsh weather conditions and face minimal competition? In that case, the end of August is a great time to replace your windows and doors because this is when most families are busy preparing for back-to-school or are on vacation before the start of school. During this time, many window replacement companies are less busy and will be more flexible with their availability. 

Additional Considerations

  • Minimum temperature threshold. 

Window and door replacements do happen during winter, but when temperatures dip below the minimum threshold, it can be very difficult to install windows or doors effectively, and in some cases, it may even be impossible. Anything lower than -10º C will pose problems for caulking, which is needed for replacement windows. 

  • The foundation of your home. 

The cracks in your home’s foundation become exposed in colder weather, which can make installing replacement windows more challenging. Specialized skills and tools will be needed, and perhaps additional labour. 

  • Added precautions. 

If you want to replace your windows during the winter, make sure the contractor uses silicone-based caulk rather than latex or acrylic. Try to book a morning installation to give the materials a chance to warm up and expand. Finally, ask your installer to work on one window or door at a time. 

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