Replacement Windows

If your windows need to be replaced, you have to contact a reputable company, and Concord Window and Doors can help! We have been in this industry for a very long time, so you can always rely on our team and our services. We will help you choose the best windows for your home and will make professional recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

We genuinely care about our clients and will discuss the frame and window materials that would be best for your home. We will also discuss aesthetics so that you are happy with every aspect once your new windows are installed.

There is a lot of information you have to consider when it comes to replacement windows, including the type of frame you require. Vinyl is one option you can consider and this is a popular choice because it is affordable, practical and low-maintenance and is also known for its superior function and convenience. Aluminum frames can also be considered, although these are not as budget-friendly. Wood too would work, although this material can be easily scraped or dented when it is exposed to moisture.

Sierra Sliding Patio Door Replacement Window
Buy Sierra Bay or Bow Window to replace your old windows
Sierra Awning Window/Replacement Window
Sierra Geometric Shape Window. Replacement Windows
Sierra Single Hung Window and Replacement Window
Sierra Horizontal Sliding Window and Replacement Window
Sierra Swinging Patio Door for window replacement
Sierra Double Hung Window and Replacement Window

Replacement Windows Vaughan

Our team located in Vaughan will listen to your preferences and discuss each kind of frame in detail to make informed decisions regarding this very important aspect of windows replacement. We will tell you about the benefits of each and what the installation process will look like so that you are aware of this information. Insulation is a key component we will discuss because energy efficiency is extremely important, and you will instantly notice the benefits these windows provide. For starters, you will save a ton of money because your monthly hydro bills will not be as high, and you will not have to rely on heaters or fans to regulate the temperature inside your house. We will also discuss the quality of glass of your new windows to ensure they are energy efficient, as this will improve your home’s insulation and lower your monthly energy bills, which is something every homeowner will appreciate.

Our reputation and knowledge set us apart, and we always provide our clients with high-quality products. You can place your trust in our company at all times, so if you’re looking for a reliable door store that can provide you with quality replacement windows and doors, contact us today!

Replacement Windows FAQ

What is a Replacement Window?

Unlike a newly constructed window, a replacement window will not need a nailing fin because it will be secured into an existing window frame through the use of fasteners. They will run through the existing window assembly, so they are easier to install and are used when homeowners want to upgrade their existing windows.

When Should I Consider Window Replacement?
If you are dealing with rotted windows or your window hardware is no longer manufactured, window replacement will be necessary. This is also true if you notice fog or condensation between your window panes. It is sometimes possible to repair your existing windows, but if you notice that they are not performing as effectively as they should, you need to invest in durable, energy-efficient windows.
What is the Ideal Time for a Window Replacement?

This can be done year-round except when you’re dealing with extreme weather conditions. Rain, high winds and heavy snow are not suitable to carry out this task, but any other time will do. The installation itself is fast and can be done in just one day, and energy-efficient windows will lower your monthly energy bills, so window replacement is a great investment.

What is the Cost of this Project?
This answer will vary from one homeowner to another and the price of replacement windows will be based on the size of the project, the materials being used and the company you hire.
How Long will My New Windows Last?
Replacement windows that professionals install can last for up to 25 years. The quality and brand of the windows will play a role in this, as will maintenance. The better you take care of your windows, the longer they will last, and weather conditions, materials, and installation techniques will all impact the lifespan of your windows.
Should I Replace All of My Windows at the Same Time?
This will depend on your budget. It is not a must to replace all of your windows at the same time, so don’t feel pressured into doing this as the process can be done in stages.
What Should I Do to Prepare?
Remove any curtains, blinds or obstructions that are in the way. Window access is a must, so move any furniture and anything else that can interfere with this project. Doing this before the arrival of the installation team will save everyone a lot of time, and the process will be a lot smoother as a result.

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