Picking out a new set of interior doors can be an overwhelming decision, as they’re a big investment that will be spread out around your home for years to come. To help you make the right choice, here are a few things to consider when shopping for an interior door.

Choosing the Materials

Interior doors can come in a variety of material, the most popular being solid hardwood and wood composite, which is made from wood fibres and reconstituted wood pieces. Wood composite is also less expensive than solid wood and lighter if you choose to purchase a hollow core door rather than a solid core alternative. You can also find metal and glass doors, which might be a better choice depending on the style of your home.

The Different Door Styles

Panel Doors

The most common door style, panel doors are the standard for many new builds. Made from wood composite or solid wood, this style contains stiles and rails that make up the panelled appearance. They come in a variety of panel styles and can accommodate glass inserts for added aesthetics.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can have one or more panels that can slide together or move past one another. With a track that can be installed into the floor or against a wall, they’re best suited for closets or rooms that can’t accommodate a swinging door.

Pocket Doors

Perfect for tight spaces, pocket doors slide along a track before partially disappearing into a wall. Pocket doors are usually used for bathrooms but can be installed anywhere in which a swinging door would be impractical.

Bi-fold Doors

Used for a larger frame space in which swinging doors would take up too much room, bi-fold doors are hinged and operate on a single metal track. Typically used for pantries and closets, bi-fold doors can be made of any material listed above.

Flush Doors

The facing of a flush door doesn’t have any detailing sprawled across either side of the door. Usually made of solid wood or hollow composite wood, flush doors are ideal for modern, industrial and contemporary homes.

French Doors

Typically wooden or metal framed doors with one or more glass panel inserts. They can be completely transparent or translucent, it’s up to you. French doors are used for aesthetics rather than for privacy. They also allow for a lot of natural light to filter in depending on their location.

Louvred Doors

Slatted doors that have adjustable slats to improve airflow while still providing privacy.

Pick the Right Colour

Many interior doors come in a standard white or off-white shade to please the masses. However, if you’re thinking about purchasing a new interior door, then you can choose whichever colour best suits your style. You could stick with a neutral tone other than white, like black, gray, brown or beige. Or you could add a pop of colour to draw interest, especially if the walls surrounding it are a neutral tone.

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