If you need to buy new windows for your home, you will have two different options to choose from, including replacement windows or new construction windows. In most cases, the choice will be clear, so you will not have trouble when making your selection as it will be based on specific aspects that are relative to your situation.

New construction windows should be used when building a new house because new construction projects will always require this type of window. There are other situations that would require new construction windows, including if it is an addition, if the house is new and if you are dealing with a wall that is severely damaged and needs repair work. Additions are smaller versions of building a whole new house, and you will almost always require a new construction window. The same is true when you are replacing an awful window because more often than not, if a window is in very bad shape, chances are the surrounding area is in bad shape, too. If the framing around the window, the exterior siding, interior drywall or wall studs has been compromised, it’s best to use new construction windows as it would make more sense.

New construction windows are meant for clean openings in a house that have no trim or siding. They have nailing or attachment fins or flanges on the exterior side of the window.

Replacement Windows Vaughan

Replacement windows should be used when replacing existing windows. They should also be used if you are working on a building that is not new or under construction. If you install a new construction window in a good wall, you will actually create more damage and more work because window, wall, trim and siding elements are all connected, so if you change one, you are also changing the others. For this reason, replacement windows are best if you are working with a good wall.

Replacement windows are specially designed to slide into place horizontally, so you will only have to replace very few, if any, of the other elements. Minimal alterations may be required when using replacement windows, like the removal of interior trim, for example. Some painting may also be required after the trim has been replaced; however, these tasks will be very minimal. Replacement windows replace existing windows and have no nailing fins or flanges. They can be tricky to install, especially when compared to new construction windows, which are moderately easy.

In terms of performance, both new construction and replacement windows are weather-tight if they are installed correctly. Concord Window and Doors will provide you with more information and will help you make an informed decision. We are your go-to door store and specialize in replacement windows, so if you are in Vaughan, contact us today!