After replacing your windows, you might be left with some beautiful old windows that no longer serve their intended purpose. Before you haul them off to the dump, see if they would look nice serving a different function. How can you upcycle those classic beauties and give them an entirely new and trendy life?


Windows can I upcycle?

Upcycling window projects work best with classic old wooden windows. Many of these do not even require the glass to be intact as it is the frame that gives them character. These projects are not ideal for plastic or metal framed windows.


Upcycling projects

1. Space divider
Use old windows to divide indoor and outdoor spaces. Hang them from the ceiling to divide a large family room, or hang them to divide your outside porch.

2. Mini greenhouse
Use the windows as top opening doors on a DIY greenhouse in the backyard. Grow your own delicious fruits and veggies, knowing the old windows let light in but keep out the destructive critters.

3. Make a chalkboard
Paint the glass or add plywood where the glass was housed and paint it with chalkboard paint. Hang the final product in your kitchen or front hall to add personal touches. Write down this week’s grocery list or that week’s dinner menu on each of the blackboard windows.

4. Stained glass
Turn the upcycle experience into a family affair. Add different colors, textures, and opacities to create a gorgeous piece of art that you can hang anywhere in, or out of the house.

5. Coffee table top
Turn your window into a surface for mugs and drinking glasses. Add 4 legs (one to each corner) and reinforce them to end up with a one-of-a-kind, brand new… or old… coffee table!

6. Make into a mirror
Take out the old glass and replace it with mirrors to create the perfect mirror you can hang in the washroom or on a mantel. Just glue small mirrors onto the back of the window frame and end up with an expensive-looking antique mirror.

7. Cabinet
With a little bit of handiwork, you can turn those windows into a beautiful antique cupboard for the bathroom or kitchen. Definitely one of the more complex projects, but if you’re willing to take on a challenge, the payoff will be worth it.

8. Corkboard
A great way to repurpose both the window and old corks, add a piece of plywood to the back of the window (without the glass), and glue old corks to it in a pattern or just randomly.

9. Picture frames
Use the existing or add new glass and add photos to the space behind the glass for a personalized family photo frame.

10. Pot Rack
Take out the glass, paint and attach hooks to your old window frames. Hang your new creation above the island and use it to store your pots. This project is perfect for adding character to your home.

Now you have all these amazing ideas of what to do with your old windows, it’s time to select new ones. Visit Concord Windows and Doors for all your new window and replacement window needs. There are a variety of styles, shapes and colors available. Our team will craft you the perfect custom windows and doors for your beautiful GTA home.