What are Egress Windows?

Basement windows are different than windows in other parts of your home because they must be expanded to meet fire code or egress requirements. Windows that are going to be installed in basements need to have an opening expansion, so in addition to the size of the window, you need to see whether or not the opening is wide enough to help you and anyone else living there escape should you ever experience an emergency situation.

Replacing Basement Windows with Egress Windows

If you see that you need to enlarge the opening to successfully install an egress window, you will need to look into cutting the concrete. If that’s the case, you will need to hire a licensed contractor to complete the job because it is a serious undertaking that may require building permits based on the size of the project or the area of your home. Failing to hire a professional contractor will result in poor results, so it’s best to get it done right the first time around. Keep in mind that not every window company offers concrete cutting services, so you may have to coordinate the two jobs so that they get done on the same day and the windows can be installed right after the concrete is cut.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have to install egress windows, the answer is yes. It is a safety precaution that will provide you with peace of mind, especially if you have bedrooms in your basement and your family members sleep down there. The windows must serve as exits if an emergency were ever to occur. In order for your window to be an egress one, it must meet strict measurements, which include specific dimensions. Security bars can be present but they must be operable from the inside so they can easily be removed in the event of an emergency. The window itself must be simple enough to use without any complications so that a person can escape easily without having to apply special knowledge or having to climb over or around a glass pane in order to escape. 

A basement window may also require a well to help make escaping easy should anyone ever have to. Again, egress window requirements are different, meaning specific clearance distance and depth must be considered so that it serves its purpose. If these requirements do not exist, you will once again have to hire a contractor to help dig or expand the well. 

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