It has probably been a while since the last time you had a good look at your windows. And by that, we don’t mean through them. Windows perform two main functions in any home; one is to bring natural light into your home and the other is to support and enable proper ventilation. Without proper maintenance, windows will cease to function properly, forcing you to replace them sooner than you wanted. There are some basic tricks to maintain all kinds of windows and avoid the hassle of window replacement. But understanding how each style of window and its material works, you can keep them in working condition for many years to come. Here are some basic tips on how to maintain your windows:

keep your windows looking new


Whether it is extreme heat, dust, snow, rain, or wind, your doors and windows are exposed to a wide range of different weather conditions every day, which they have to sustain and put up with to make sure that you and your family are protected. Prolonged exposure to severe and changing weather conditions can cause a significant build-up of dirt and debris on your windows and you may start noticing visible signs of weather damage. Usually, regular cleaning and wiping of windows should help to clear the dirt and debris keeping your windows clean and sparkling.

Regular inspections

Although each one of us enjoys the breathtaking view of the outside world that our windows provide, seldom do we invest any time in inspecting the windows thoroughly. After every season, it is important to check the structural and functional aspects of your windows. You should check if any frame appears to be loose or if a wooden structure has been spoil because of moisture. Usually, discoloration or a spongy consistency are signs of weather damage. You can use a metal rod to probe areas that you cannot reach. Additionally, you can check the condition of weather stripping. It should be flexible enough to be compressed and eliminate air infiltration. Check for signs of fogging or condensation which is likely to build up between windows with double or triple panes. Check for any brittle or warped areas of the frame. They should be apparently visible in areas that are constantly exposed to sunlight.

Maintaining your windows

Just like you call your local door store to ask them to send a technician for resealing and repainting for your doors, windows too must be included in this kind of maintenance. Make sure to check any openings or broken seals from where warm air can escape. Use a latex caulk to fill in gaps between the casting or window and wall. You can also try to repaint your windows so that they look fresh and presentable. Try to repair or replace damaged parts promptly so that your windows look and function well.

Having windows that are well maintained and looked after is important from many perspectives. Talk to our associates at Concord Windows and Doors shop to learn about ways to maintain your doors and windows. If you need replacement windows or repair your windows, talk to one of our executives today for a solution.