If you can’t seem to keep the warm air indoors this winter, it may be because of a problem with your windows. Faulty windows cause warm air to escape and allow cold air to come inside and if you want to ensure this does not happen, there are certain warning signs you need to look out for. The following signs will indicate whether or not your windows can handle the harsh winter season and protect your home from the cold temperatures:


If you ever feel a sudden chill while sitting comfortably in your home, there’s a reason behind it and it’s likely the result of a draft. A great way to check is to put your hand up to the window frame to see if you feel any air passing through. You can also hold a tissue to see if it moves and if it does, you have a draft problem and this is an issue that needs to be taken care of right away.

Damaged frames

Debris and heavy storms can result in damaged or decaying window frames as can general wear and tear, which will cause your units to be drafty. This is especially true for wooden window frames because the material is not as tough as vinyl or aluminum and moisture will affect their condition, resulting in poor window quality that is very problematic.

Issues operating your units

If opening and closing your windows is becoming challenging it is likely a sign that there is some damage, which is preventing them from functioning properly. It may also be because they were installed incorrectly but either way, it’s a problem that will affect the sealing aspect and allow outdoor elements and air to come inside.

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Loud outdoor noise

If you’re frustrated with increased outside noise, it can be because of a gap in your window frame. Gaps will let both cold air and outside noises into your home so if you notice that you can hear a lot more from the outside than you normally could it’s important to check your windows.

Higher energy bills

If you notice your energy bills increasing every month or find that yours are considerably higher than your neighbours, your windows can be a contributing factor. If your furnace needs to work harder than it should to make up for the heat that’s escaping outdoors through your windows, the number of your monthly bills will increase.

Quality windows will prevent problems and ensure your home is cozy and warm during the winter season. If you’re in need of replacement windows and want a door store that can provide you with an impressive selection, visit Concord Windows and Doors. We will help you find the exact door or windows you’re after and our products are made of the highest quality, so come and check out our windows and door shop today!

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