You are most likely to notice some obvious signs that your windows and doors need replacement. Over a period of time, with regular wear and tear, doors and windows may start closing incorrectly, making noises or have started falling apart. There are many tell-tale signs when it comes to your doors and windows that may be indications that they need to be replaced. Here are a few of them:

  1. You find yourself struggling every time you need to close or open a door or window.
  2. You can feel a draft in and around your windows. This will reduce the effect of your home heating and raise your energy bill.
  3. There are visible signs of damage like chipping, deterioration and staining on your windows or doors. Remember that damages that are left unattended can lead to collapsing of the entire door or window.
  4. If your house was constructed before the 1970s, there is a chance that your windows may have single pane glass. This type of glass is low in quality and is considered drafty and unsafe for prolonged use. Today’s window panes have either double or triple-pane glass.
  5. If cleaning your doors and windows have become a pain point for you, it is time to replace them. New designs in windows and doors offer a great deal of comfort and ease of cleaning for homeowners.
  6. You find it hard to get replacement knobs and parts like handles and hinges for your doors and windows.
  7. Did you know that an increased energy bill can be an indicator that you need to replace your windows and doors? As older windows lack proper insulation or have lost their shape and have become ill-fitted in their frame, it may be forcing the air conditioning to work harder and increase energy consumption.
  8. If you notice that you can hear outside noises easily even with closed windows and doors, you may need a replacement.
  9. If your windows and doors have lost their visual appeal and are spoiling the overall decor of your home, it is time to consider changing to modern designs that complement your taste and style.

Other visible signs that you need to replace your windows and doors are that your upholstery and carpets are fading. As single pane glass are ineffective to block UV rays from entering your home through the windows, you may notice that the colors of your upholstery are weakening due to excessive sun exposure. Modern glass is designed to reduce the impact of UVB light and helps to reduce heating and cooling costs. Using laminated or tinted glass can also help to block UVA rays.

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