Having home improvements done while there’s still snow on the ground? While it might sound crazy, there are actually several benefits to having work done on your home during the winter months. We’ll be going into detail regarding what those advantages are, as well as why you might want to wait a bit after a snowstorm to have your windows and doors replaced.

Why You Should Replace Doors and Windows in Winter

Discounted Prices

Because not many people think to replace their windows and doors during the winter months, you’re sure to find great discounts. This is especially true when buying directly from manufacturers. Shopping in the off-season for several services is guaranteed to offer you deals you never would have expected.

Replaced One-by-One

If you’re worried about your house becoming a frigid igloo while having your windows or doors replaced, don’t be. During winter, with windows in particular, only one will be removed and replaced at once to keep too much cold air from entering your home. Windows being replaced won’t be left open and exposed to the elements for more time than is necessary.

Good Quality Service

The quality of work being done won’t suffer from the cold temperatures. Caulking and foam insulation around the framed structure will stick just fine, as they’re able to set in temperatures as cold as -5 degrees Celsius. As long as they’re kept warm before being used, there shouldn’t be a problem during the application process.

Why You Might Want to Wait


Because window and door replacements are done one section at a time, it will take longer for the job to be completed. If there are strong winds or dense snow on the ground, mobility will be affected and progress will be slowed down indefinitely. Bulky winter clothing will also slow down your contractor’s progress.

Freezing Temperatures

As mentioned before, caulking and foam insulation can be applied at -5 degrees Celsius or higher. Unfortunately, if you’ll book a time during an extremely cold week, chances are the job will be a bust, and you’ll have to wait for your door or window replacements to be properly installed. These conditions are also unpleasant for workings to do their job in, rushing through the work to get inside and warm up.

Safety Hazards

It’s important that your hired contractors are working in safe conditions. That’s harder to do in winter when there’s snow, heavy winds and ice circulating throughout the months. Climbing up ladders or carrying heavy supplies on an icy plain is an accident waiting to happen.

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