If you’re planning on replacing your old windows, it’s important to know just what to expect during the installation process so that there are no surprises. As a consumer, you want to enjoy the process from the selection period and long after your new windows have been installed. 

On the day of the installation, a crew from the window company will arrive to begin the process at a time that has previously been discussed. They will first prepare the area by placing drop cloths around your home so that any debris that occurs throughout the installation will get caught. Once the drop cloths are in place, they will then remove your old windows. In order to make this part of the project faster and easier, you should remove blinds or curtains before the crew arrives, so they have easy access to your windows and are not wasting any time. If you want to speed up the process, even more, you can also move any pieces of furniture that are on the way to allow the window crew to move materials in and out of the house easily. 

After the old windows have been removed, the installers will then clean the openings thoroughly and put the new windows in place. Once this step is complete, insulation and sealing will follow and the installers will first insulate and then seal the frame into place. This part of the installation process is crucial and must be done perfectly because the insulation is what keeps the cold air and moisture outside so that you save money on energy costs. 

The last step is always clean up, and once the installation of the windows is complete, the crew will dispose of your old windows and remove any dirt that the drop cloths did not catch. Make sure you discuss the cleanup aspect before agreeing to anything because cleaning should be the window company’s responsibility.

Installation times vary from one house to another, so it’s difficult to determine exactly how long the installation process will take. Normally, this project should not take longer than a day, but the weather and other unforeseen circumstances can result in a delay. 

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