The new year usually brings with it new energy to make new changes in your life. One of these changes has to do with your home environment. Maybe you become more revitalized and are ready to tackle those pesky tasks on that to-do list. After spending some time indoors at home for the holidays, many homeowners end up with a few things that they want to upgrade or fix. These upgrades or fixes have to do with the windows in many cases.

If your windows are getting old, becoming more inefficient, or just nearing the end of their useful life, then you are probably starting to look around the market for some suitable replacements. If you have decided to install new windows this year, let Concord, Windows and Doors Vaughan help you out. Our skilled window consultants, installers and suppliers will make sure that you get the exact windows you are looking for without a hitch.

When you are getting your windows replaced, you will need to decide on whether you want operable or fixed windows. Fixed windows cannot be opened, but operable windows can. Each of these window types will have its own set of pros and cons, and the decision will be based on what you are looking for in particular.

Benefits of Operable Windows

One of the most important benefits of operable windows is their ability to give you access to air ventilation. Ventilation is one pretty important function of having windows, which is why you will still find at least a few of them in homes where a majority are fixed windows. Where and how you place them in your home will be entirely up to you.

Ventilation allows you to physically control the moisture levels in your home, making sure that the condensation doesn’t build up and cause mold or bacteria to grow. This is especially important in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens where there is a lot of moisture. Operable windows are practical in these locations in the home. Ventilation also allows you to control the odour in the home, which is another reason why you typically find them in kitchens and bathrooms.

Ventilation also provides you with some refreshing air when you need it. Especially since we have been needing to stay indoors lately, having some access to fresh air while you’re inside can be invaluable. Fresh air helps to improve mood and can even help you with congestion issues. Besides ventilation, many homeowners enjoy the variety of styles that operable windows come in.

Benefits of Fixed Windows

The customization for fixed windows is pretty much limitless. Fixed windows can typically be customized to your exact specifications; the shape, size, colour, glass and grille options will be up to your choosing. You can achieve floor-to-ceiling windows or go gothic; whatever you choose, you will find an option with fixed windows.

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