Both garden doors and French doors are beautiful and provide access to the outdoors, whether it’s to your patio or garden. These types of doors have a unique design that will not only help bring the outdoors inside, they will also increase your home’s curb appeal while improving its appearance. 

Garden Doors vs French Doors

While both types of doors have similar qualities and functions, they do have their differences and knowing this information is important so that you can select the type of door that is right for you. 


The first difference to consider is in the design of these doors. While they look very similar, their design is actually not the same because garden doors have one solid door that cannot move and one opening door that can be used; whereas, French doors provide two doors, both of which you can open. Garden doors have two doors as well, but only one can be used for passage because only that one is able to open and close. The design of French doors offers a larger opening, resulting in a bigger passage space as well as better ventilation. 


Because of the wider passage space, French doors provide more accessibility because both doors can be opened, allowing more people to pass, which is often more convenient, especially when you’re hosting a party and guests are moving in and out of your home. Garden doors also come with two doors, but because one of them is fixed, not as many people will have access at the same time. If easy access is important to you, this is a key difference to keep in mind. 


Sturdiness is another factor that you must consider and French doors are simply not as secure as garden doors because of both doors open and close, meaning they do not have a solid centre support. The bottom bolts used for French doors are also weaker and the doors do not have as strong and durable of a locking mechanism as garden doors do, making this type of doorless secure. The sturdy centre support that comes with the fixed door in garden doors makes it more reliable and durable, which is why garden doors rarely experience failure. 

Now that you know some of the differences, you can make a more informed decision. If you still have questions, the experts at Concord Windows and Doors can help! They have an amazing selection of quality products in their windows and doors shop, so whether you need a door store or replacement windows, be sure to visit them to upgrade your home today!

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